Thursday, March 29, 2012

My story...

First ever post on righthandnails!
I thought I should talk about my story on how I went from a nail biter to polish addict.

It all started with this.
Coming across a youtube tutorial on newspaper nails.
As you can see, my nails were short and uneven. I had no idea how to paint my nails and had polish all over the cuticles.

That spark had set off something in me. I began buying more polishes and searched for more youtube tutorials.

As they say, practice makes perfect!
And before I knew it, I was changing my nail art whenever I had the chance.
Things got serious when I got nail art acrylic paint, nail art was just so much fun!

From there on, I started growing my nails out and kicked my nail biting habit.
With the help of OPI Nail Envy Original, my nails started to grow.
I finally got around to file the nails down to the shape I wanted.
&I learnt all about nail care and why I should push my cuticles back.

This was the result. (OPI No Room For The Blues)
Taken about a month ago, not the best nails you'll find but it was a tremendous improvement for my nails.

Which is why I decided to blog about my polish ventures and share my story (:
And if you are wondering why "Right Hand Nails", here is your answer:
I'm a left hander, which is why all the photos in this blog will feature my right hand.
Where the nails are painted beautifully, and the nail art looking its very best!

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