Monday, April 2, 2012

Bunny ears and Cottontails

According to this website, 2012's Easter falls on April 8.
Personally I do not celebrate Easter, but that doesn't mean I can't sport the Easter Bunny nail art!

I used OPI No Room For The Blues as the base color, and acrylic paint for every color you are about to see.
Feel free to use your nail polish colors to recreate the look, I just find it easier using acrylic paint(:

1. Paint a blue french tip on your nails, &cover your ring finger with the same blue.
Feel free to use another color if you wish!
&your french tip need not be perfect, you'll see why later (:

2. Using a dotting tool, have big white dots along the french tips.
Then using a smaller dotting tool/thin brush/tooth pick, create "messy fluffy lines" for your white dots.

3. Now for your bunny ears! (the difficult part)
Using dark gray, create the shape of your bunny ears.

4. Fill in the ears with a lighter gray, leaving a bit of the dark gray as an outline.
Then using the same dark gray, create "loops".
These loops will be the pink parts of the ears.
(You can skip the dark gray loops if you want, it just gives the ears a more 3Dimensional look)

5. Fill in the pink! Try using a lighter shade of pink.
Now you can see why the dark loops creates the 3D look like I mentioned (:
Remember to seal your nails with a top coat to give your design that protection& shine.
&you will have your final masterpiece!

Optional step: Use an even lighter gray to do "shading" like what I did in the photo above to give your bunny ears even more dimension(:

Hope you guys found this bunny ears cute!
&in case you're wondering where I learnt this from, it's from this youtube video (:

So while Easter is just around the corner, do you have any Easter mani in mind?
I'd like to know!


  1. So cute!!! I got some dotting tools, so I was thinking of trying them out.