Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Hunger Games

Apart from being a nail polish addict, I like to indulge myself with buying books.
I absolutely love reading. the amount of money I spend on books each year is incredulous.

Sometime last year, I bought The Hunger Games trilogy.
Yep, The Hunger Games is a 3 part series.
So I bought the series and I could not stop reading till I finished all 3 books.
It was that good!

So imagine my excitement when I found out the there would be The Hunger Games movie this year.

Being the avid fan that I am, I HAD TO WATCH IT.
&guess what?
Not only did I watch it, I went for the gala premiere!

Excitement :D
I went decked in the ever-so-famous-Katniss-Braid, the mockingjay pin on me &a THG inspired nail art(:

Inspired by the colors of the trilogy book set, I had my nails(:
I know it doesnt look very THG-inspired, but I actually love it!

Fact is I really cant draw the mockingjay pin on my nails,
&I failed with doing flames nail art.
So I had this very simple nail design inspired by the colors of my book set :D
(Used OPI No Room For The Blues, red acrylic paint and black acrylic paint)

I'll definitely be doing more of this design, trying out the various color combinations.
&I'll be doing up an Easter Bunny nail art for tomorrow, so stay tuned for it!