Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Earth Day - Tattooed Nails

It's the dreaded Monday again, how's everybody?
As y'all know, Earth Day was on 22 April 2012.
And even though I didn't manage to do anything during the whole of Earth Week, I decided to do something to my nails in lieu of Earth Day (:

The result is absolutely beautiful. (This is my left hand, the non dominant one when it comes to nail art.)
If I can get such amazing results on my non dominant hand, you can too!

If you have got temporary body tattoos lying around at home, don't try them away.
Use them on your nails instead!

Things you'll need:
- Temporary body tattoo
- Water
- Cotton pad/Sponge
- Base coat
- White polish
- Top coat

Cut out the tattoos according to what designs you want to have on your nails.
Arrange them out so that they will be easier to work with.

Apply base coat, &white polish.
Any base color of your preferred choice will be okay, but the tattoos will show up more vibrantly on a white base.
With your cotton pad/sponge soaked in water, apply the tattoo on to your nails as per how you would apply it on your body.
But if you don't know how to, fret not (:
CLICK HERE to learn how to apply temporary body tattoo.

Remember to wait for the tattoo and any water droplets on your nail to dry up before applying your favorite top coat.
Now you can recycle any temporary tattoos you have, and have pretty nails every time.
The possibilities are endless (: