Thursday, April 26, 2012

Totoro Nail Art

Today I have for you, a nail art design that I spent 3hours on(in total for both hands) in drawing and perfecting it.

Totoro nails :D

For those who don't know what Totoro is, he is a character in Hayao Mizaki's film - My Neighbour Totoro.
Many have watched Hayao Mizaki's films and fell in love with them, and so have I.
Which is why I decided to come up with a nail art inspired by Totoro (:

Spent 3hours in total on both hands, I am glad to say that I am really proud of my "artwork".
If you're wondering why 3hours was spent, it's because I drew on both hands.

My left hand(:
You'll rarely see my left hand on this blog because I am a left hander so all the pretty nails are on my right hand.
But the result is pretty satisfactory for me.

For both hands, I had the same "layout" on each nail.
Thumb: Tiny "arrow" prints that can be seen on Totoro's body
Index: Makkuro kurosuke/Dust bunnies (which can be found at the start of the film)
Middle: Totoro
Ring: Chibi Totoro (a smaller version of Totoro)
Pinky: Makkuro kurosuke/Dust bunnies

I had so much fun doing this nail art(:
Which Hayao Mizaki films have you watched, and which is your favorite?


  1. So Cute !!

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  2. Totoro!! They're so cute! Good job on the drawings for both hands! (:

  3. Wow those are so CUTE. So you didn't use nail polish? Well now you've inspired me to give it a go.. But wow those are really neat. My favorite of his movies would have to be either: Howls moving castle, cat returns or whisper of the heart!

    1. hi there! glad you loved it (: acrylic paint are easier to work it, that's why. and Spirited Away is my absolute, absolute favorite! I would really love to see your nail art (:

  4. Replies
    1. fingers crossed for your nail art contest! (:

  5. Omg that design is just beautiful!!! I love it! You're really talented!