Monday, April 16, 2012

Essie Follies

Hiya! I'm back from the cruise &I'm 2 shades darker now.
Love, love the sun(:

Today's post will be Essie's Follies from my previous haul post.
Those Essies from the previous haul post, they are my first bottles of Essies.
So far I've had Aruba Blue and Follies on my nails and I am in love with the polish formula.

Bottle shot, with flash.
Follies is a gorgeous brown with gold shimmers floating around.

When applied, the gold shimmers seems to be in hiding revealing the rich brown color that I fell in love at first sight.
upon closer look though, the gold will be noticeable giving the brown that creamy feel.
it's like I have chocolate cream on my nails, so very yummy :3

Under natural sunlight.
Follies comes alive under the sun.
The golden shimmers are more evident, and breathes life into the rich dark brown color.
It is too gorgeous.

I'm a fan of nudes and browns, which is why Follies totally took my breathe away.
&I love how she was still able to compliment my skin tone despite having turned 2 shades darker due to the cruise.

I shall leave you girls with a pretty picture of Singapore that I took from the ship when we were returning.
Singapore does have her own unique beauty.


  1. I am IN LOVE with this Essie!!!! I need to buy this!

    1. do get it! I can't stop admiring my nails now because the rich brown is just so gorgeous and compliments my skin tone so much(:

  2. So pretty! I'm a huge fan of browns too. Glad you had a good time on your vacation.

    1. yay to browns! (: and thankyou for worry comment!