Thursday, April 12, 2012

Collective nail mail and haul

New additions to my polish collection!

OPI Mod About You
Bought at Sembawang Sun Plaza Shopping Centre

Left to Right: Essie Play Date, Essie Aruba Blue, Essie Follies and Essie Matte About You
Bought at Smoochiezz Clearance Sales, Downtown East

Nail mail from an online seller!
ELF polish and the others are from Bangkok that she bought during her trip there.
She was having a clearance sale, and all them polishes above were going at only $1 per bottle(:

If I were to combine this haul with the previous one,
I bought 19 bottles of nail polish over the span of 2 weeks D:
homg, I have to stop this reckless buying soon.


  1. Great haul, these all look gorgeous, especially the Essies!

    1. they are my first bottles of Essies actually(: I'm really excited to have them on my nails!

  2. Great haul...Lovely shades :)

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    1. thankyou! and I'll be sure to check out the link (:

  3. Awesome nail mail, and your manicure is so lovely! :D