Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Leopard prints!

Fancy some leopard prints to portray that wilder side of you?
This tutorial is just for you!

1. Start off with a base color.
2. Using a dotting tool dipped in any color you want, create small irregular dots on your nail.
3. Using the same dotting tool dipped in black, draw "C"s around the irregular dots, wrapping it. Be as random as possible!
4. Draw tiny streaks of black to fill up any awkward spaces on your nail.
5. Finish with your favorite top coat &you're done!

TIPS: Be as random as possible when dotting.
&Play around with the colors!
In my opinion, leopard prints are a fun way to show your fun side &there are so much colors to choose from!

Hope you had fun with this tutorial!
&if you have any other tutorial requests/questions, feel free to tweet me @righthandnails to let me know (:


  1. Oooh, I like that animated photo tutorial! (Or whatever it is called :) )

    1. it's called gif :D feel free to request for tutorials!