Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sir Fancy.

Moustache nails!
Ever wondered how to get perfect moustache nails like the ones you see on Pinterest or Tumblr?
This tutorial will teach you how (:

1. Start off with your base color.
2. Using a big dotting tool dipped in black, dot 2 dots side by side at the tip of your nail.
3. Using a smaller dotting tool dipped in black, dot 2 other dots on each side of your nail.
4. Using that same small dotting tool dipped in black, join the tiny dot to the big dot by connecting them as seen in the image.
5. Fill in the gaps with black polish.
6. Finish off with your favorite top coat &voila! You have fancy nails for the day (:

Hope you had fun with this tutorial!
&if you have any other tutorial requests/questions, feel free to tweet me @righthandnails to let me know (:


  1. Hahaha this is AWESOME!!! So much fun! Also, I've tagged you for some blogger awards! See my post here!