Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ma-Ma-Marry the Night~~

Today I have Winmax nail polish which I bought from Daiso.
Daiso has the tendency to not name their polishes, and I find that very irritating.
Instead of names, these pretty polishes have numbers.
This color that I have is Number 12.

I have decided to rename it, and this gorgeous shade shall now be called "Marry the Night".
You'll learn to see why I've decided to name her that in awhile(:

But for now, please promise me you'll click on all the images in this post to enlarge them?
Pretty please :3 Only by enlarging the image, will you see what Marry the Night has to offer.
&Let me tell you, this sassy polish has got loads to offer.

By clicking "read more", you have pinky promised to enlarge every image in this post :D

As seen above, Marry the Night looks black indoors. But she is in fact a rich, deep dark blue that you could get lost in.

Amongst that gorgeous shade of blue lies many tiny holographic glitter.
When in real life, those glitters could be seen even indoors (but I can't seem to capture it).
And when she is exposed to the sun, she is even more sparkly than Edward Cullen.

Unfocused images for you to drool on. (I do apologize for the tip wear)
Them glitters remind me of stars in the night sky, which was why I thought "Marry the Night" was a very apt name for her.

This is one really interesting close up shot of the glitters, I love how they look like the copyright logo ©
Notice how each one of them reflects light uniquely? Just like the stars that light up the night sky (:


  1. This polish looks really pretty! Which Daiso outlet did you buy this from? Their nail polish range seems to have diminished the last few times I've been there.
    Oh, and how many coats did you use?
    Thanks! (:

    1. diminished? hahas I seem to find that their colors are expanding (: if I remembered correctly, I got it from the Plaza Sing outlet. it really is a pretty color! and this polish is quite sheer, so I had about 4coats on. but it was still thin, and application was a breeze (:

  2. Gorgeous polish! Marry the Night is the perfect name! I love that holo sparkle!

    1. The holo glitters are really captivating, definitely one of my favorites right now~