Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's every girls' dream to be a Mermaid.

I think it's every girls' dream to be a Mermaid.
Or at least it's mine.
Of all the Disney Princess', Ariel the Mermaid was always my favorite.
She had long wavy red hair and she's a mermaid, two of which I think are super cool.

Today I have Deborah Lippmann Mermaid's Dream.
&To be honest, I cannot find a name that's more apt than this.

Once again, application was a breeze and the formula was perfect.
Coverage was better than Across The Universe as I needed lesser layers.
It dries relatively fast to a gritty surface, which I like a lot. (I love to have textures on my nails, I'm weird.)

Being a seafoam green with tiny blue specks, it's a really classy color to wear on it's own.
And I do apologize for not having photos of her under the sunlight because I remember the weather being really gloomy when I had her on.
But trust me, she is really glittery under the sun and would really have you stare at her the whole time.

I got my Mermaid's Dream from Luxola, you can too!
What DLs have you owned, and would like to own?
I'd really love to have Glitter in the Air and Ruby Red Slippers (:

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