Sunday, June 17, 2012

fishtail braid, BUT ON YOUR NAILS.

Fishtail braid was quite the trend couple of months ago, and it still is pretty popular right now!
The reason as to why it was so popular because unlike the conventional braid, fishtail only requires 2 sections of the hair instead of 3.
Plus, it looks really different and pretty!
But did you know there are 2 ways to tie your fishtail?

Tadah! One goes up, and the other one goes down. (I'm loving the one on the right side better!)
Personally I feel that fishtail braids should be messy. The messier, the better :D
But if you have short hair or still cannot master the tying of fishtails, fret not.
Incorporate the look of fishtail braids on to your nails!
PS. The picture above, that's my hair. So it's credited to me :3


So the idea is to have 3 different colors, and paint them accordingly as you see above.
Feel free to play around with the colors and like tying a fishtail, you decide if you want it to go up or down(:
Unless you're a nail art pro or have steady hands in painting straight lines, feel free to draw them on free hand.
But if you're a klutz like me, use the tape method! (Click on image to enlarge)

thebeautydepartment (I absolutely love their site) has done a plaid nail art with the help of sticky tapes.
Which makes everything so much easier!
Imagine having the fishtail mani on both your hands, piece of cake ♥
Click here to read to their original post :D

So there you have it, the lovely fishtail braid.
To be honest, I've yet to do this mani on my nails before but I'd like to see you do it!
Do leave a comment below with your fishtail mani so I can have a look at it(:

And, does anyone have any idea why how the fishtail braid got its name?
I really don't think fish tails look anything like that.


  1. I have only done basket weave. It is a weird name.

    1. basket weave? :o hahas it sounds really interesting!

  2. Oh, I love it, I will definitely try this!