Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Updates + Model's Own!

Helloooooooooooooooo there.
I apologize for the long hiatus, I know I haven't been the most devoted blogger around and I am sorry.
It's just that I am still adapting to work and whenever I have free time, I would be spending it with people I love or painting my nails.
But even though I haven't been blogging regularly, I've been painting my nails every chance I get.
Still, I'm sorry ):

A heads up, all the posts that you see here are mostly backdated.
Meaning I would paint my nails, and blog about it prolly about 2 weeks later because I change my manis more often than I blog.
&chances are after the 2 weeks, I would have at least changed my nail design at least four times.
Which I would then schedule them to be posted on this blog.

As of now, I have about 10 manis to blog about because the last time I drafted a post here was in late April.
But if you want to be "updated" on my nails every time I change 'em, follow my twitter @righthandnails because I'd always twitpic my Nails Of The Day.
If not, do look out for my awesome scheduled posts :D

~*~ virtual hug ~*~
thanks so much for the follow ♥

Time flies, it's already June!
So here's an update on my nail haul/mail for the previous month of May,
&also starring Model's Own Sterling Silver!
(this is one lengthy post)

Because I've gotten my first paycheck in May, I decided to reward myself!
This haul features my "first(s)" in many nail polish brands and colors.

My first Revlon, first A-England, first bottle of rainbow glitter and first Color Club.

My first Ozotic, first Indie Polish (All The Glitters), first Megan Miller.

My first Models Own and first Deborah Lippmann(s).

My first Ottie(s) and first Castledew(s.
Below is the same bottles, but in flash to show how gorgeous they really are ♥

I'll be blogging about my new polishes soon and where I got them - they're really easy to get hold off!
So very happy with May's haul because they are my firsts of many that's soon to come (:

But for today, the star is Models Own Sterling Silver!

I have this weird habit with nail polishes - whenever I get a bottle of new polish, I'd shake them for that sound of ball bearings inside the bottle. (I'm weird like that.)
But when I shook Sterling Silver, I was kinda amazed to find out that she had no ball bearings in her bottle. (Or I'm deaf?)

Either way, Sterling Silver is everything she said she would be. Sterling. Silver.
It's like a chunk of silver metal just melted in to the bottle and Models Own just decided to have it as a nail polish. (My pictures really do no justice to her beauty.)
It's such a surreal color, I like ♥

Application was still acceptable, but do wait between coats if not she'll drag the whole nail along with her.
Do take note of your brush strokes too because it may show up.
And my bottle went goopy really fast so I had to be careful with the application.
(Read quite a number of reviews for Sterling Silver, and many were really happy with the formula and application, so I think the problem may just lie with me?)

I had 2 coats of her on my nails in these pictures.
Despite the goopy-ness, it was all worth it.
I decided to do some leopard prints on her because I'm never satisfied with single colored nails.
The leopard prints just gave her a more sophisticated look which I so love.

I'll be sure to have her on my nails more often, &also as a base color for my nail stamping endeavours!

All that talk, now you must be wondering where you can get your own Sterling Silver too right?
I got mine from the lovely Andrea of SG Nails :D
She sells Models Own, Nfu Oh, A-England and so much more other brands that you'll not get from normal departmental store fronts.
She even has the oh so famous Nerd Lacquer! (Which I really, really want but they've all sold out)

That, was quite the lengthy post. Hope it made up for my absence!
What are your favorite Models Own color? I'm looking to expand my Models Own collection (:

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