Sunday, June 10, 2012

Purple is looove.

Naked nails with Color Club Wild At Heart.
It kinda reminds me of television static in the Color Club bottle, but it's purple static.
First Color Club that I own, and it's a purple holo.

I'm a lover of blues, greens, teals, purples and any color along that spectrum.
Add on some holographic element in to the color, and I need to have it.

Unfocused version to show you how pretty she is. (Too excited for photo taking that I didn't clean up first.)
Here I have A-England Princess Tears as an accent, will do a detailed post on her soon!

Application was simply awesome, formula was perfect.
It could have been a one coater, but I still went ahead and applied the second coat.
And it held really strong on my nails, with no chipping at all even after four days (:

Under the sun, her scattered holo seems to be non-existent.
Unless you have her under the direct sunlight, if not her holo cannot be seen.
But even so, I love her rich dark purple. It just reminds me again of why I am a fan of purples.

I got my Color Club from Mei Mei's Signature when she was having a sale for the Color Club colors,
it was my first time buying from her and I got some other nail polishes from her too after the arrival of this Color Club (:

Because it's the Great Singapore Sale now, Mei Mei's Signature is also having flash sales on her e-shop!
The best part is - she ships internationally (except Italy), so everyone can take part in the GSS Sale :D
Apart from Color Club, Mei Mei's Signature also has Girly Bits by Pam, Megan Miller, Cult Nails and so much more.
She has also become the exclusive retailer in Singapore for All That Glitters!

I'm really happy to have got hold of Wild At Heart.
The name really suits her, and this macro zoom in of her makes me want to her on my nails again ♥


  1. beautiful swatch! thanks dear =)

  2. Even when the holo's hiding, it's such a richly textured shade!

  3. Wow, lovely mani! I love the purple but I also really love your accent nail. it takes it a step higher! If that's even possible with holo LOL

    1. hahas thankyou! I'm going to try stamping with the color club, with princess tears as the base! holo shades are an essential for a polish collection (: