Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ozotic 505

Months ago, I came across this term "nail polish jewellery" and I was stunned by the absolute beauty of it and how versatile nail polish can be.
So I knew I had to get my hands on some nail polish jewellery for myself.
&what better way than to do it DIY? :D

So I got on to Etsy, &ordered myself some cabochons and ring settings!
In this post, you get to see Ozotic 505 in a 18 x 25 ring and it is gorgeous.
Ozotic 505 is such a pretty polish, I succumbed to having just her on my nails because she is a real beauty.

The Ozotic 500 series have been discontinued and during that period, Susan from Subtle Shimmer aka Star Trinkets was taking orders for the 500 series.
Having seen swatches of 505, I knew I had to get it or else I'll end up regretting for the best of my life.
&Ordering 505 was one of the best decisions in my life ♥

505 is a bottle of goodness whereby she shifts from purple to green to blue to teal. All of which I am a sucker for.
After having her on my nails, I knew she had to be placed permanently in to the ring to preserve her beauty.

When under flash, 505 takes on this vibrant teal/green color which is absolutely stunning.
 She is one versatile polish, and I love her to bits ♥


  1. You're the first Singaporean Nail Blogger I've chance upon! Glad to find another kindred spirit (who lives on the same wretchedly humid island as myself) who understands my obsession I mean hobby! =P


    1. hihi! actually there are a lot more Singaporean nail polish lovers out there (: this tiny polish community is actually bigger than you think :D

  2. Lovely swatches!! And the ring is stunning :)