Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Previously you guys saw my Heart Of The Ocean inspired nails,
&after 3days I wanted to have a new look on my nails.
But the flakies used for the look are really, really hard to remove and I was so lazy!
So I decided to spice up the look up with a tape mani(:

Not bad aye?
This is my first time doing a tape mani and I'm really glad with the results!
The silver you see here is OPI DS Coronation.

Boyfriend says they look real Christmasy, but I think it looks cold.
Like icy cold, with shards of ice against the blue.
Which brings back the whole Titanic feel again, with the ice berg.
Either way, I'm really loving the color combination!

I'm leaving for a cruise today with my family (:
Will be away for 3days but I've scheduled a haul post for tomorrow so be sure to catch that!
When I'm back, I'll be blogging about my nails that I've painted for the cruise!
I'll miss you lovelies ♥

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