Friday, April 20, 2012

DIY - not nail related (:

Sophie and Toffee! Love, love them.
Read on to know why (:

A few days ago, I came across Decoden phone case aka whipped cream phone cases.
So I decided to go ahead and try it out :3

Here are the adorable, delicious cabochons I ordered from Sophie and Toffee.
They have so much stuff on their site, ranging from cabochons to rhinestones to resin moulds.
There is just so much you can buy from them if you're a DIY fan :D

I even filmed a video to show you guys the cabochons I got!

Saw how detailed their cabochons are?
My favorites are the marshmallow and waffle biscuit, I just want to stuff them in to my mouth :3

Things you'll need for your whipped cream adventure:
1. Phone case
2. Adorable cabochons
3. Icing tip
5. Rhinestones

Do click on the image to enlarge if you wish to read the fine print.
Remember to get 100% sillicone, and make sure their white in color.

Actually, don't get sillicone. They have this really pungent smell which I can't stand.
It smells worse than any nail polish or nail polish remover or any scent I've come across.
It smells so bad, I can actually taste it in my mouth.
Instead, get your whipped cream at Sophie and Toffee's instead! They have pink, white, brown whipped creams available.
Definitely worth your money(:

I got these icing nozzle because I needed the sillicone to really look like whipped cream.
I used the star shaped tip for my phone case.

Before actually creaming your phone, place your cabochons to visualise where you want them to be.

Cream it up, &voila!
You have your kawaii decoden phone case (:
This took me about 30mins to make, it's that easy.
Now I'm just waiting for the sillicone to cure & hoping that the smell will wear off over time.

Reasons to shop at SophieandToffee:
1. International shipping
2. Fast delivery (I got mine in 3days!)
3. Great variety of selections
4. Very detailed work in their cabochons
5. Quality products
6. 10% discount code for all my readers! Valid till 23rd April, so do your shopping now~

*All the products mentioned in this post were bought by me for my personal usage and review.

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  1. So, you covered your phone case in whippy cream? Okay...