Sunday, April 8, 2012

Floral mixed prints

Sorry for not blogging for the past few days, I haven't been using my laptop.
But that doesnt mean I have not been preparing blogging materials! :3

Floral mixed prints was what I had on my nails after I took of the Easter Bunny nail art.

This is my version of floral prints months ago.
My nails were shorter, and I had polish all over my cuticles.
The rose was pretty much a mess too.
But at that time, I was really loving this nail art.
It had roses, polka dots and a really sweet looking base color(:

So fast foward a few months to now.
I still love the pretty pastel color with delicate prints.
So I began to recreate the look(:

Trust me, it looks so much more pretty in real life.
My nails have grown out, and no more polish on the cuticles.
"Practice makes perfect", I truly believe that now.

Base color - China Glaze Aquadelic
Middle finger - Pirouette My Whistle
Thumb - Golden Rose Scale Effects #06
Every other color you see - Acrylic paint

I'll definitely be recreating this look in the near future because it's too pretty(:


  1. Oh! This is so pretty! I just love nail art and sadly, I am really BAD at it! So, I live vicariously through others. :) Thanks for sharing your talent!

    1. aww, thankyou! but there is still so much i have yet to learn (: I got interested in nail art because of all the YouTube tutorials out there, and many of them are actually really easy to learn! so do give those tutorials a chance, and I'm sure you'll be a pro at nail art in no time :D