Saturday, May 12, 2012

Choose Me!

Today I have Essence Choose Me!
Choose Me is a color that mermaids will choose to wear, and it's a color that just screams my name.
I am a sucker for teals/blues/greens or any of those shades that's in between.

Here is an accidental photo that turned out really good.
I was taking photos of my nail on the bus, and a tree chose to block out the sun as I took this shot.
Do pardon me for the tip wear that you'll see in all the photos.

Choose Me is a pretty shimmery color with hints of blue, green &teal altogether.
I layered Choose Me over my dark blue Daiso Winmax polish that I blogged about previously.
So Choose Me may appear pretty dark in my photos than compared to other swatches you've seen on the internet.

But that doesn't stop Choose Me from being gorgeous.
In fact the dark blue base brought out all of her rich green color, and I can't stop staring at her.

Was playing with my hair here, and I took this "artsy" shot with the auto focus all over the place.
Choose Me is just too pretty for me to handle.
I can't wait to just have her, only her on my nails :D

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