Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nail awards :D

The lovely Miranda from arfblat nominated me in a few blogger awards &tagged me in "11 Questions" :D
Miranda, thank you so much for the nominations♥

Versatile Blogger!
  1. Nominate 7 fellow bloggers. 
  2. Let them know that you have nominated them. 
  3. Share 7 random facts about yourself. 
  4. Thank the blogger who nominated you. 
  5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your blog post. 
I've already done this before, so do click here if you wish to read the post (:
More awards after the break!~

  1. Post the link to who gave you the award. 
  2. Answer the questions. 
  3. Share 7 random thoughts about yourself. 
  4. Pass it on to 10 blogs and inform them. 
The Questions 
  • Favorite Song: Forever and Always - Parachute (I cried the first time I heard it)
  • Favorite Dessert: Ice cream!
  • What Drives You Insane: Arrogant, selfish people
  • When I'm Mad...: I get pretty violent, loud and vulgar.
  • Favorite Pet: This baby porcupine that my dad had in Malaysia. Porcupines are really, really adorable!
  • Black or White: Black
  • Biggest Fear: Sticky stuff, lizards and snails.
  • My Daily Attitude: Living life one day at a time.
  • What's Perfect? Mother nature.
  • Guilt: Shopping.
7 Random Thoughts 
  1. "What should I paint on my nails tomorrow?"
  2. "Pokemon event at Isetan Scotts this Sunday, YAAAY"
  3. "I have so many overdue nail posts to blog about."
  4. "So much stuff to do, so little time."
  5. "Craving for some greentea ice cream now."
  6. "When will the new Daiso at Tampines1 open?"
  7. "Yawn..."


  1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog.
  2. Answer the questions the blogger has left for you, and add 11 questions for the bloggers you have tagged to answer.
  3. Choose 11 people and link them to your blog.
  4. No tag backs.

11 Things About Me

  1. My nail polish collection stands at close to 60 polishes now (SO LITTLE!).
  2. I did water marbling once, and I failed terribly at it.
  3. I do not own any indie polishes, &I actually feel ashamed of it (because it's a MUST to own at least one indie polish).
  4. My hair is dip-dyed.
  5. My tumblr has lost over 2000 followers because I haven't been that active as compared to the past.
  6. I really want to know more local nail bloggers/lovers!
  7. I want to be a journalist, but that is just wishful thinking on my part.
  8. I can't stand it when people make careless grammatical/spelling errors when tweeting/facebooking/etc.
  9. I have a junior black belt in Taekwondo.
  10. I have learnt guzheng (Chinese zither) for the past 10 years of my life, and I'm still learning it now.
  11. I turn 20 this December (hurray for December babies!)

My Answers to Miranda's Questions
  1. What is your favorite color - period? Purple.
  2. What is your favorite nail polish color? Teal.
  3. If you had to live in one room for the rest of your life, what color would you make it? Baby blue.
  4. If you had to become a color for the rest of your life, what color would you be? The color of grass.
  5. Enough about color - dogs or cats? BOTH!
  6. Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate.
  7. Rice or Noodles? Rice.
  8. Beach or Pool? Beach.
  9. If you had to be one age for the rest of your life, which age would you be? 21, legal for everything.
  10. If you had to lose one sense which would it be (i.e. vision, hearing, touch, taste, smell)? Smell.
  11. Your top 5 favorite nail polishes? 
  • Essence Choose Me
  • China Glaze Aquadelic
  • OPI Need Sunglasses
  • Essie Aruba Blue
  • OPI Black Shatter

My Questions for YOU

  1. Favorite nail polish?
  2. 1 Nail polish that you are absolutely lemming after?
  3. Latest polish buy?
  4. 1 polish that you regretted buying?
  5. 1 nail art/mani you've been wanting to try out but haven't (water marbling, caviar nails, etc)?
  6. What camera do you use for your nail posts?
  7. What editing software do you use for your nail posts?
  8. When did your nail polish addiction start?
  9. Enough about nails - Pancakes or waffles?
  10. Japanese food or Western food?
  11. Favorite book of all time?


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